Jáspis (Eventing)

5.001€ - 7.500€
Stallion | 2012 | Bay
<p>Reared in a stud until the age of sexual maturity. Then he was kept in an area surrounded by an<br />electric fence where he stayed also during mating seasons. Never sustained any injury. He has been<br />used for covering since the 2018 mating season. Despite his temperament he behaves obediently.<br />J&aacute;spis is a vital, temperamental animal with lean appearance. He received training in autumn 2017<br />during which he was trained with a lunging rein to be harnessed and saddled. He has been ridden<br />while led by an older gelding ridden by a rider. His rider also trained him to recognise rein signals.<br />Later on his training did not continue due to the lack of time.</p>


Stallion 2012 Bay

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